2020 – 2021 Calcutta

We are delighted to announce the 2020-2021 winner of the Golden Bull Calcutta was Matthew Fist from Firetrail Investments Pty Ltd whose selection Lynas Rare Earths (LYC) returned almost 150%.

The winner of The Golden Bull was Jeremy Hooper from Macquarie Equities with Imugene.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for generously donating your winnings to our charities.

Rules and Conditions • The highest bidder for each company shall own that share/company for the year. • Upon being drawn, the company will then be auctioned. • The auction for each company will last one minute, there is no  secondary market trading. • The owner of the winning company (in twelvemonths), shall receive 50% of the total pool raised for all the companies in this auction. The payment will be in the form of a cheque, to be presented at the Australian Fund Manager Awards 2019 or a bank transfer. • 50% of any winning bid is considered a donation to charity and a receipt will be provided to that effect. • In the event of a company being taken over, where payment is cash, this will be invested from the date of closure of the deal for the remainder of the competition at a fixed rate of 6% pa. • In the event of a company being taken over, where payment is in stock, or where there is a choice between stock and cash, the return will be that of the takeover stock from the date of closure of the deal, even if this company is listed overseas. • The auctioneer’s decision is final.