Steering Committee

Charlie Lanchester – Chairman
Ruppen Margarian*
Geoffrey Wilson*
Mark Burgess
Anu Kaarla
Lachlan Ridhalgh
Henry Polkinghorne
Olivia Salmon
Suri Surianti

Note: * indicates Board Members

On behalf of both Odyssey House NSW and Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, we thank you for your contribution, which will continue to help those who need it most!

Odyssey House NSW is dedicated to the provision of a dynamic and diverse range of services to our clients who are adults with alcohol and other drug dependencies who frequently have chronic health, behavioural and psychological issues. We are thankful to the support of the Australian Fund Manager Foundation for supporting Odyssey House NSW Parent’s and Children’s Program which is designed for parents in recovery to live with their children in purpose built facilities. This program is designed to develop and grow to nurture family relationships that encourage children to realise their full potential and help to break the generational cycle of addiction.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is grateful for the generosity of The Australian Fund Manager Foundation, who, through their annual event, raise vital funds to support our brave young patients. Last year, The Australian Fund Manager Foundation raised funds for the Infectious Diseases Fellow. Fellows are brilliant young doctors who are trained by the senior specialists to become the specialists of the future. Thank you for making an important investment in the future of child health. The Hospital’s many needs include purchasing equipment so Hospital staff can continue to provide our children with the very best of care; renovating and refurbishing wards to create a positive healing environment; and vital child health research projects.

The Australian Fund Manager Foundation has been pleased to offer financial support to the following organisations over the years.